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Dr. Dinesh Kelgaonkar, Dr. (Prof.) Rajesh Ingole

A Review on Parada marita Naga bhasma


Introduction: Naga bhasma (Incinerated Lead), despite its potent properties, doctors rarely prescribe because of the risk of toxicity. Marana is a process used after Shodana (cleansing) to get rid of the negative effects of the Naga (Lead) and make it more readily absorbed and assimilated by the body. The primary goal of this article is to review research on Parada Marita Naga Bhasma. Material and Methods: Grahya Naga from Bangalore was chosen for the study and samanya shodana & vishesa shodhana of Naga were carried out as per Rasa Ratna samucchaya. Result: The physicochemical analysis of Naga and Naga Bhasma was performed in accredited laboratories, establishing the standard values through analytical studies such as organoleptic characters, physical constants such as Ash value, Total ash, Water soluble ash, Moisture content, and pH. Conclusion: The Marana of Naga required 21 days to complete and bhasma was red in colour with pH of 9.8.

Keywords: Incinerated lead, Naga bhasma, Samanaya shodhana, Vishesa shodhana.